Entrance door to the apartment

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The entrance door to the apartment is a very important finishing element. They perform not only a visual function, complementing the synchronized whole, but also care for the safety of the household members. Entrance doors in houses are particularly important and it is when choosing them that you should focus the most. When it comes to apartments, apart from them, we are also protected by the entrance door to the staircase.

The following article will primarily describe the issues that should be considered when choosing an apartment door. The main issue is, of course, the dimensions of the door. Another thing that we pay attention to is information about whether the door is anti-burglary, has thermal protection, or muffles sounds (we do not want to wake up at night every time someone enters the staircase).

The next thing to consider is the issue of endurance. They should therefore be made of good impact-resistant material. Few people pay attention to it, but it is good to buy a door that matches not only the interior of the apartment, but also its exterior. However, you do not need to focus so much on this, because the staircases are repainted from time to time, and we have no influence on it. Doors available in furniture stores, as a rule, do not fulfill all of the above functions. If we really care about them and focus on both appearance and safety, it is worth ordering the door from a carpenter. In addition, in some companies, for an additional fee, the door can be improved and adapted to our requirements. At the beginning, it is worth discussing the issues related to the door we are dealing with,when we enter the apartment – that is, with the front door and we will focus on them.

Hinged door

The most common are full swing doors. When it comes to choosing them, sometimes we do not have much choice, because it happens that the building administration imposes on the owners whether the door is to be external or internal. Full hinged doors open inwards. If this type suits us, we have a choice of: plastic, wooden, metal doors made of wood-based materials. The best quality doors are those made of metal and hard wood. They are usually used in single-family houses, as they are exposed to weather conditions. When it comes to living in a block of flats, this problem is less acute, so any of the above-mentioned materials will be appropriate. Metal doors are also often installed in apartments where crime is high.For example, such places may be old tenement houses where the unemployment rate is high.

The most common apartment entrance doors are two meters high and eighty centimeters wide. An important issue taken into account when choosing the entrance door to the apartment is their thermal insulation. Currently, staircases are heated in new apartments, but this is still rare in buildings from the last century. Each entrance door has a marked thermal insulation factor. The smaller the indicator is, the more we can be sure that more heat will remain in our apartment. Of course, seals also play an important role here, but they are installed by manufacturers and we have little influence on this issue. Above mentioned was also an important feature of the door, which is muffling sounds.We have a negligible influence on the neighbors living in the apartment next door or opposite, so it is best to have a good-quality door that mutes unnecessary sounds.

Thanks to this, we will also gain a bit of privacy and intimacy. As for the markings that can tell us whether the door we like is acoustically resistant, the “Rw” sign will tell us about it. It will be quieter in our apartment, the higher the indicator, given in decibels. Block-mounted doors usually have a coefficient of up to 28 Rw. As mentioned above, safety is extremely important. In fact, we never know whether an unwanted person will plunder our apartment during our absence. Therefore, we should focus on good security doors.They are defined by classes (from one to six). If our doors are of really good quality, they will also have a certificate issued by the Building Research Institute. Of course, they are also much more expensive than first and second class doors. If we live in monitored, fenced estates with staircases with monitoring, we can use lower rank doors in this respect.

The last point that should be considered when choosing them is, of course, appearance. They should match the entire finish of the apartment, giving a sense of completeness. If we have a flat in subdued, cool colors, it is not worth choosing doors in bright colors or motley patterns. Contrary to appearances and the current fashion, the most popular color of the door is still brown.